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Resident Calendar is an Online Medical Resident Scheduling Application that provides Chief Residents and Program Admins the ability to effectively manage Resident Duty Hours, Vacation Requests, Call Schedules and more.

Resident Calendar can be implemented in all sizes of organizations from a single Department to entire Educational Institutions.

If you are interested in finding out how Resident Calendar can help your Program, please contact:
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Time Off Requests

Resident Calendar allows Medical Programs to approve and track all resident time off requests.

Residents are provided with an interactive rules based request form with clearly presented time off availability, which ensures requests submitted are valid and conform to your Program's Guidelines.

The approval process is customized to the Medical Program and can range from a single approver to multiple. Requests are presented to the approver with all the necessary information required in determining an approve or deny status.

The system auto generates final status email notifications to the resident and any other important members in the approval process, keeping everyone up to date.

Call Scheduling

Resident Calendar provides Chief Residents and Program Admins with an easy to use interface to build simple to complex call schedules.

Resident Calendar will help minimize scheduling errors and help balance call loads across all residents.

The Call Scheduling interface displays important information such as resident time off, blocked dates, holidays, and more to enable quick and fair assignment of calls.

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Duty Hours & Reports

Resident Calendar enables tracking of each resident's duty hours and time off by week, block or the entire year.

In addition to basic reports, custom reports can be created for each Medical Program's specific requirements.